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Wierd pistol

Anybody know what this is and it's value?

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They used to sell them at Wal-mart and other places of the sort. I believe .40 cal. Got like 60-70 shots off a single 12 gram. Paint was expensive as I remember same paint as for blow guns but the pistol maybe cost $40 originally? I stopped seeing them locally when I was interested in purchasing one for the fun of it.

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CCM Fan's based on a Spyder with very poor quality parts,the hammer is potmetal on them (At least the one I had was)
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Yep, Splatmatic XJ-40...I have one. I'm hoping with some time I can bore it out and replace the internals. I honestly wouldn't give more that $10 for it because all it will be is a wall hanger. It is kind of hard to find paint for it as I have only seen it for sale on ebay.
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i can find paint for those for i think $10 for 250 rounds at my local pb store
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They sell the paint @ Cabellas
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