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Patriot pump?

Yes I'm useless at getting pictures onto websites, any idea what this pump is? Looks like a SAM Patriot with a pump handle attached - maybe that's why it's never worked!

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Thanks in advance. It's not mine, just want to know.
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pictures in a forum isn't hard. go to photobucket and upload a photo. then use the photo link provided and just post it in your text.

your picture on the link is too small to tell....does it say patriot anywhere on the marker? or any other markings? there are a few markers that could look like a sam patriot with a pump handle on it....but not be.....

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It says patriot on the lowers, the picture isn't mine since I'm not the one selling it.
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There was a pump gun manufactured in the early 90's called the Patriot and if memory serves me right it was also made by Daystate.

I can remember the pump being reviewed in PGI magazine,i dont think it was a excepionally good marker or sold in any large quantity's.
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Thanks to Mike "Cannon Fodder" for tipping me off to this Patriot. It is made by Daystate.

This Patriot is very similar to another pump I had previously not been able to identify, basically proving the other pump was made by Daystate as well.

Here is the Patriot:

And here is the other pump:

More information on the second pump here:
Daystate UK's pumps(c.1985-1991?) / Old News

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Dan, that was an awesome writeup.

I always remember those guns as Splatoons. When I was hunting down TFX and Phoenix guns, I read somewhere that "Splatoon" was a UK field. Daystate either made them exclusive rentals, or Splatoon was modifying existing Daystate airguns to work as paintguns.

The Mk1 and Mk2 certaintly look like airguns, though the Mk3 looks purpose built.

I had talked to Rob Thompson at Daystate. He was the lead designer in the 90s. He explained that the "paintball side" was not a priority. They would make guns under contract for fields and distributors for a fixed price. This is why Daystate guns were usually sold with alternative names. ie Mayhem, Splatoon, Skirmish, etc.

Not unlike the contract that Sheridan originally had with Pursuit Marketing.

On a side note, its getting expensive to ship guns from Europe. I travel to Europe every few years, and have always been too worried to bring a ton back with me. If would save me a ton of money.... but imagine the look on the xray techs face when he sees a bag with 30 guns stuffed in it!

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Thanks Nick,
I'm pretty sure Splatoon was a group of fields in the UK and Ireland. The actual name of the field could have been License to Thrill and maybe they referred to paintball as Splatoon?

And yes Daystate did sell designs as exclusives to some of the fields. The Skirmish fields had exclusives on I think some of the Ultimark mk series pumps.

Shipping to and from england has always (from my experience) been more than most countries. I think the really challenge would be finding who has these pumps still (edit but that's the fun part isn't it?).

Another interested point that Bryan (BOS) pointed out, is that the SAM prefix on the Sam Patriot stands for "Semi AutoMatic," something I hadn't considered before.
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