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Trying to remember a specific E-frame

Hey all

I remember wayyy back when, pre-2000 I think - there was an e-frame released for spyder markers. I swore it was the eclipse E1 but I also vaguely remember there was a competitor frame around the same time. I can't find any info anywhere, and it's one of those "killing me because I can't remember" things. Anyone remember what frames were available back then?
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The Eclipse E1 is only an Autococker frame, and wasn't released that early. I know there were Centerflag Hyper frames and Boo-yah/Mako Storm frames for Spyders released at some point.
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Yes!! It was the Boo-Yah!! Thanks man, that was really driving me nuts.
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Need one? I think I have one stowed away somewhere
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I may be interested if hes not....
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If you can't find a Boo-Yaah frame the Mako frame is pretty much identical
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I have a number of these frames also, if you are in need.
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I have two sitting in a box. Was just looking at them and wondering what to do with them.
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