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toymachine 02-13-2013 01:46 AM

WTB Sheridan (PMI-I, P68-SC or P-12)
Title says it all. Here's the order of desirability, from most wanted to just wanted:

1) Most Uber Wanted: P-12
2) Uber Wanted: P68-SC
3) Wanted: PMI-I

How does $90 including shipping sound? That would be for working but well used and slightly beat up (but no major dents/rust/deformities). Pristine, really well kept models would see me happy to pay $120 including shipping.

Of course, offers are OBO. I'll pay more for (1) than (2) or (3), (2) more than (3) but not as much as (1) and finally (3) not as much as (1) or (2). Got it? Good ;)

(See sig for link to why I want this - getting my hands on a long barreled Sheridan body so I can make myself a k-framed sniper rifle-pistol hybrid.)

Feel free to offer other model Sheridans, but I'm only looking for those with substantially long barrels, compatibility with Sheridan style K-Frame and 12g operation (housed parallel to and underneath barrel). Those are the essential features that, without, I am not interested in your Sheridan offer.

Thank you!

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