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Need Advice: 12g "Fun Gun"

Hi! I recently received a decently large supply of 12g cartridges--like, enough for a year of play exclusively using powerlets. Am looking for a fun, unique gun to use and enjoy. This would primarily be something to reach for instead of my CCM to chase renters around the field when it's a slow day.

A few caveats...had a T8 and did not enjoy dealing with leaks. Have had many Phantoms over the years, none stuck. Do NOT want to shoot PGPs or anything from Walmart. Also, would prefer a small hopper, as I'd rather not invest in 10 round tubes (again) or gun-specific mags.

Thoughts welcome!
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A splatmaster? Go back to the roots of the game. Added bounus you'll only need 3-4 10 round tubes.
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Do you consider 10 round tubes an investment? My collection of them seem to grow every year without buying any extra somehow.

So you want something that runs well on 12g and is open class that isn't a Phantom. Do you not like Nelson-based guns? If not then I'd say try something like an an Azodin KPC. If you're willing to try a different Nelson check out the Empire Trracer. If you don't mind spending a bit you could try seeking out a PPS Houndstooth or try to find an open-class Thumper.

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How about a GZ 1000?... It's like a Splatmaster but uses a hopper or 10 round tubes yet runs off 12gram cartridges... I have one I'll part with if you're interested

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DSGs run on 12grams, and it just so happens that I have one for sale

Like the guys above have said though, you have lots of options. You can put a bucket changer on anything and have fun, but not every gun is going to run very well on 12ies.
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I have a working thumper I am not super into shoot me a pm if interested.
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For a super unique gun with a crazy-fast 12g change, check out a 007 Challenger. Rear dropout changer with a really nifty quick-change nob, and a right feed body for hopper or cram-and-jam.

(Wish I had kept mine, it was super fun...)
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How about an SA-17 with a hopper adapter?
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Love the ideas, guys. Keep them coming.

BTW, the comment on no ten round tubes has more to do with wanting this to be something I can toss in the bag without having to pack extra ball carrying gear. I run with two 50 round pods on a leg drop, so something with a small hopper is the way to go.

That DSG is hawt, tho, and will check out the SA-17.
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Instead of buying a marker buy an ICD leverchanger with the stock and throw it on your CCM. Expect 30 shots to a 12g with no mods on a 60*+ day at 280fps. You can just run a 50 round hopper or make your own feed / Sanchez feed. They are cheap option if you want to play with 10 round tubes and 12g.

You seem to like your CCM they work great on 12g and produce decent numbers without modification. The ICD with a stock is about the length of a 13ci tank. (For reference)

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