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melkson 11-09-2006 10:33 PM

WTB Cheap semi for new player, maybe whole player setup
Well, I'm getting my friends into paintball, and one is tired of using my loaner gear and wants his own. So he's scraped up some $$ and is looking for the following:

Metal bodied Semi in playable condition
Mask, hopper, co2 tank

May also want pods, podpack (+1), and remote

He can go as high as $70 for a marker, or up to $100 for marker and player setup.

PM me or post here. In a few days i'll show what has been offered, and he'll decide which. Payment will be by Paypal (Credit Card, or transfer if you don't mind waiting)

Rap4paintball 11-10-2006 12:19 AM

I have a tippmann pro-lite with stock 8.5" barrel, JT mask, vl200 basic hopper, 9 oz tank (add $5 and I can switch it out with a 12oz), pure energy remote line, and a pro-line 4+1 harness (which I have removed the plastic clip and added metal ones).

The prolite is in realy good condition, the body has only 2 or 3 small scratches, lighter trigger springs, but the barrel is dinged up on the outside edge, just the finish doesnt affect preformance.

JT mask with black and green strap, lense has some light scratching from play.

vl200, regular plastic hopper.

9 oz tank- brass eagle tank, the label is starting to peel in 3 places. has a kick'n paintballs stick on it (clear sticker with white lettering). the tank has light to medium scratches on it from use. The valve is undented and threads are NOT cross threaded.

pure energy remote line, like new, a couple tiny scratches on the on/off but you have to look for them.

4 misc. 140 round pods. some dirty, some new.

gbw369 11-10-2006 12:41 AM

I have plenty of options for him- I have several thermal masks at or around $20- so pm me if interested in those details, but here are the guns:

1. VL Triad- $40 shipped (Aluminum bodied spyder clone- in perfect condition)

2. Spyder TL-R (this is the new body style)- gunmetal gray- beautiful marker- $65 shipped

3. Tippmann 98C with single trigger- $77 shipped

4. Tippmann 98c with double trigger- $85 shipped

All shipped prices are US. PM if you want pics and/or more info on any of these. Also, I may have a spare co2 tank I can include with any gun purchase (not sure of the hydro date on it offhand).

Quacker 11-10-2006 09:42 AM

I can offer him the following:

1)Piranha E-Force VTL
-Boss Blade Trigger
-Stock Barrel
-Vertical Feed
2)12oz Co2 tank
3)Scott Strike Mask in Olive
4)Unique 2+2 pack
5)2 140 round pods
6)2 Fatboy pods

All for 80 bucks shipped. I can sell him just the gun for 50.

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