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good old games is having huge sale
a lot of there stuff marked down really cheap if any one wants in you can get get 9 Dungeons & Dragons Deal for 22$ with all expansion packs for the game too. hope you find anything you want.
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And what I like about it is that if you've already bought any of the games in any of the packages, they just lower the price of the overall package. Just bought Neverwinter Nights like a week ago, so that D&D package without NWN is only $18something.

I love GOG and Steam! (and my wallet hates them)
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Oh my. I see a new addiction beginning. I never did have time to finish the Stygian Abyss.
and then I saw Wing Commander....Oh, wait Phantasmagoria had a sequel.

I'll see you guys later.

I wonder if Zork is buried in here somewhere?
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not sure who here played neverwinter nights. but be careful when you download user created mods. since when it came out back then people would create virus or malware on to use created stuff. some user made items or maps made would have them hidden inside. other then that had great user creation tool kit for it. one best easy one made for beginners get idea on how to use mode creation
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not sure if you guy notice but some how i got 9 free games too. 3 are utima serires. not sure how are other games are never played them or heard for them. i do know the 3 utima serires games are good ones. do i need to get all patch for games or are they all download when you get them from download it from gog.
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you can play Zork online for free.
Zork Online!

Are these games made to run on modern OS's or do you need DOSBox or some such?
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My GOG recommendations:

Wing Commander 1+2
Wing Commander 3
Wing Commander 4

Fallout 2

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 (I think it got a little overly complex starting with HOMM3, plus graphically 2 has aged better IMO)

Duke Nukem 3d
Deus Ex: GOTY

and that's pretty much what I have on GOG.
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Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
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theme hospital.. an incredibly silly management style game.. but its a fun way to waste a few hours


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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