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ReconSlide [Trracer Pump Mod]

ReconSlide :
Custom pump grip for Trracers, inspired by Duckslide and other boxguns. All versions, and all makes, have the same 3D Printing finishes (photos look different because of different lighting conditions). There are some artifacts, but only slight 3d printing visual defects, such as the moire texture. ALL ARTIFACTS ARE INSPECTED AND DEEMED surface level from print speed changes. Prints are strong, and printed SOLID. More details in the store link.

Thank you to all who came by the 3d printing custom thread and helped out!

Features :
  • screws included (but also fits your stock screws)
  • 3 different versions (Long-Rail, Short-Rail, and Long without a bottom Rail)
  • fits with standard trracer feedneck
  • comfy and fun

Videos show more angles than pictures:
Test Video 1 (long-slide no rail) :
Test Video 2 (short-slide with rail):
*My gun is shooting low FPS due to faulty 12g charger o-ring*

Store Link (20% Coupon Automatically applied at Checkout)

Or, we can deal via PMs and you can still get 20% off, don't know the math, but it's probably around $30-31 shipped for the Long Version, $25 for the short, or something like that. Ships to USA and CANADA, Flat-Rate, 6-10 business days.

Thanks to all who came by the 3d printing custom thread and helped out!

This is the best I can do for screws. They are shoulder screws, with a little 3d printed thread reducer piece. I can't find any better sized shoulders for cheap. I don't want to offer "hand ground down / cut down screws" because they may damage threads

NO Bottom Rail - LONG
This version has the aesthetic feature of "channels" cut out from the top that run along the length of the slide. Rail version does not.

WITH Bottom Rail - LONG

WITH Bottom Rail - SHORT

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“Tactical attachments”, I like that.
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Like one of these

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Good Job
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I need this!
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Very nice. Couldn't help myself, just ordered two.
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Always looking for a Woodland Camo F1 Illustrator. Got an extra?
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Dear Lord that thing is pretty! Excellent work!

I will steer people to you as much as possible.

If you ever have an inclination for a Ver 2.0 for a Phantom, let us know. I will spread that news like a forest fire.
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Welcome home
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Cool! Damn now I need to find another trracer
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Still pumpin'
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Ordered. Looks like $30.52USD shipped for long/rail. Now to PM freedumpy for some antirollout fingers.
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Cheers guys. Thanks for the order Opus. I am exploring Etsy's shipping service which claims to be faster and cheaper, and if that pans out I'll probably do a rebate on whatever the savings are for orders. We'll see if that works.

Thanks for the rollout fingers tip, I definitely need a set of that!

BangBang, will consider it, the pump guide rod is a bit technical/complicated, if it's threaded to the actual pump handle it should be possible.
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Is there any reason this wouldn't work on an ACI Maverick? Might have to use the original Maverick screws, but is there something that makes this super specific to only the Traccer?
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